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ROTIEER - The Game

Welcome to ROTIEER!

ROTIEER is a game. A mix between a platformer and a puzzlegame. You can start with loading the Demo or watch one of the Videos!

If you want to know a bit more about ROTIEER´S gameplay, click here or read the featurelist!

Short Overview

Your goal is to move the GreenBall  through the levels until you can reach the RedCube!  Move yourself to the left and right, another option is to rotate the whole level 90° right or left.

The first levels are mastered fast, but be careful if you rotate and there are no Cubes  to fall on, you will loose a life and later in the game it will become tricky with specials like elevators, keys, portals and so on.

You can collect stars and lifes to have a bedding for bad days and often lives or stars are guiding you through the level, and this is good because you need to rotate the little levels a lot to reach the RedCube...


You have no clue how to play it?

-Test the Demo and find it out now!




  • Cool mix between Platformer & Puzzlegame!
  • Over 100 Levels  
  • HD Graphics
  • A lot of specials like...
  • ...Keys
  • ...Portals
  • ...Elevators
  • ...FallinCubes
  • Different Level Sizes 
  • Cool Soundtrack    
  • You can rotate the Levels 
  • You can see the whole Level from start on
  • A good old offlinegame...
  • ...for Mac and PC




Click one and see more screenshots!